International Community

We believe that we should reach out to everyone in Aalborg. This means that it is just as important to connect with the internationals in Aalborg.

We wish for our church to be a home for the internationals. A safe place where one can seek fellowship and make friends. It is important for us to build a bridge between the international community and the rest of the church, so everyone comes to the church feeling as one united family. 

For instance, we make sure every Sunday service is translated to English. 

We also meet every second monday as an international group in our homes. Here we share lives, have devotions and walk in faith together. It is a great opportunity to get to know other internationals in Aalborg and have a comfortable fellowship and community. We also do activities to build friendships such as bowling, play pool or barbecuing.

If you want to hear more or be a part of the international community, you can write to our international leader Michael Rosendahl on